Ready to set your soul on fire and manifest like magick? 🌟🔮

Welcome to Magick Momentum Psychic Readings, where I don’t  predict your future—I empower you to create it. This isn’t your grandma’s crystal ball reading; it’s a soul-shaking, life-altering experience that will leave you buzzing with divine energy.

Why are my readings a must-have in your spiritual toolkit? Because I don’t just hand you messages from the Universe; I give you the cosmic roadmap to turn those messages into reality. Think of it as your spiritual GPS, complete with turn-by-turn directions to your dream life. 🌙✨

Here’s how the magick happens:

1️⃣ Deep Dive Meditation: I kick things off by plunging into a meditative state, connecting with your unique energy. This is where the Universe spills the tea on what you need to know.

2️⃣ Intuitive Channeling: Through vivid, symbolic visions, I channel personalized messages and—wait for it—”spiritual homework” that’s tailored just for you. Because let’s be real, enlightenment requires a little elbow grease.

3️⃣ Oracle Card Confirmation: As I emerge from my meditative trance, I consult Oracle cards to validate and amplify your messages. It’s like a spiritual double-check, ensuring you’re not missing any divine memos.

🎁 What You Get:

  • A 20-25 minute audio recording that you’ll want to play on repeat.
  • A snapshot of your Oracle cards, so you can keep vibing with them long after the reading.

All of this cosmic goodness will land in your inbox within 14 business days.

So, are you ready to stop playing small and start living large? Are you ready to unlock your own brand of magick and make some serious spiritual moves?

If you’re nodding your head (or your soul is screaming “YES!”), then you’re ready for a Magick Momentum Psychic Reading with yours truly.

Let’s do this, beautiful soul. 🌟🔮✨

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Please AVOID yes/no, death, pregnancy, legal, health or specific time frame questions.

DISCLAIMER: You may not ask questions RE: stated above. By purchasing this reading you agree to take full responsibility for any actions taken as a result of this reading. You are agreeing that I will not be held liable for any such actions. You agree that this is for entertainment purposes only and not a substitute for medical, psychological or legal advice. By purchasing this reading you agree that you are 18 years of age or older. You also agree that refunds will not be offered. By purchasing this reading you agree to all statements above. Thank you!