Magick Maker: The Ultimate Transformation

To say I am obsessed with transformation is an understatement…

I am unwavering in my belief that we get to have it all.

The freedom, confidence, wealth, fulfillment and magnetic, creative spark we all crave.

I teach women to create a delicious sense of purpose in their lives, to wield their inner power like never before, become mavens of magick mindset mastery, to create a life that makes them feel ALIVE.

For so. long. (TOO long) I felt lost and powerless.

I knew life had to be meant for something more than long commutes and numbing out to Netflix.

My intuition nudged me again and again, “You have the power to take back control of your life,” but for so long I resisted, I couldn’t believe it. I was SCARED.

Now I know that creating a life of purpose and fulfillment is a CHOICE. Now I know that courage is a muscle you can strengthen and the ultimate transformation is just on the other side of knowing how to show up for yourself every single day.

Now I’m committed to creating a life of my own design, and helping YOU create yours.

It’s time to turn off the chatter in your head and tune into the power that’s been inside of you all along.

Do you believe that your future is left to fate? That it’s written in the stars?

What if you could CREATE it?

Three years ago, I set a bigger, crazier intention than I ever allowed myself to even admit I wanted before…

I was coming up on a DECADE of working in retail management, approaching my 30s and feeling like I was a complete disappointment…

I did what I was supposed to do… I got good grades, I went to school, I worked hard…

And I was miserable (and feeling guilty because there was so much I should feel grateful for)

This was NOT the life full of sparkle and magick and vivid color my younger self had imagined.

I was anxious. I was lost. And I was scared sh*tless to make a change.

But one day I realized I was MORE afraid of staying the same. And in that moment, EVERYTHING changed…

I decided what I no longer allowed.

I decided what I demanded for my life.

In that moment I felt like I was struck…

I didn’t know how, it looked impossible from where I was standing…

But I knew…

I knew with absolute fucking certainty that I was done feeling lost and without a purpose. I knew I would create an impact on this world, that my work would have meaning, and that I’d get to fulfill all the desires of working and traveling and freedom I always assumed wasn’t for someone like me…

And I did it.

I did the work.

I went from clueless to discovering my purpose.

I went from scared & doubtful to courageous & confident.

I went from waiting for sh*t to change to consciously taking control of my life.

I went from lost to living with intention.

I courageously became who I always dreamed of…

I travel the world and teach witches to discover their own purpose and power.

I left behind the monotony and dullness of my “old” life and I pursue my life with passion ~ feeling present and fully alive.

And now it’s your turn.

That’s why I’m opening up the Magick Maker private coaching experience.

I’m sharing my heart, my experience and my intuitive gifts to help you…

>> Call in a level of confidence, clarity and purpose like never before.

>> Claim your dreams and actively pursue them.

>> Courageously stand up against the inner voice holding you back and become a magician of your mindset.

In this private coaching experience we will…

>> Take you through my Future Self Activation to help you get crystal clear on your intentions and own your motherfucking vision

>> Teach you the magick mindset mastery that changed EVERYTHING for me

>> Show you how I remained resilient and strong as I moved through my own blocks and so-called failures on the road to THE dream life

You ARE the Magick Maker.

Calling your future self into the present moment has never felt so supportive, juicy and FUN.

While I can’t guarantee a specific outcome ~ a new car, a new income, a soulmate who *finally* shows up…

I CAN guarantee that if you show up for the magick I have to offer you, YOU will step into brand new levels of purpose and power beyond what you deemed possible and all the “stuff” that is FUN to manifest will be a natural side effect and the f*cking cherry on top of you living out your purpose and feeling more alive than EVER before!

This transformative and intimate coaching experience is a 3-month commitment, but I’m SO passionate about reaching the hearts this is meant for that I’m offering a no-strings-attached introductory coaching session for just $99!

This includes a Future Self Activation workbook and 45 minute private crystal clear clarity session for us to set the stage for YOUR ultimate transformation.

You in?

The Magick Maker Coaching Experience
After confirmation you will be taken to a calendar invite to book your session and download your Future Self Activation workbook.

For most of my life I lived in fear. Fear of admitting what I really wanted. Fear of taking up space. Fear of freaking failing.

When I realized I was MORE afraid of my life staying the same, everything changed. It became my life’s mission to simplify tf out of the mindset and manifestation world, bring the magick and make manifesting a life of purpose playful and FUN!

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